Christy House

Success Stories
The Greater Warren-Youngstown Urban League
A United Way Agency

Bruce VonBergen, had been a regular tenant at the Christy House Emergency Shelter (CHES) since 2002, a total of 8 different times at the shelter. Bruce had been on drugs and alcohol for numerous years which caused him to be chronically homeless.

While staying at CHES he began to go to meetings and worked with the Greater Warren-Youngstown Urban League’s (GWYUL) housing and employment departments. He successfully passed the drug screening and was able to secure housing. He celebrated 2 years sobriety and was hired into the GWYUL as a CHES Aide in February 2014 until his untimely death in late 2016.

Lena Kearshner, came to the shelter from a rehab agency. She had lost custody of her children due to drugs and alcohol abuse. The CHES Manager got her involved in meetings and the GWYUL’S Housing Department. The CHES Manager was able to get her into a program where she was reunited with her children under supervision. Lena now is living unsupervised in permanent housing and has 2 years sober.


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